Senior citizen raised a garden in a bottle

Thanks to his brilliant discovery, a retiree from the UK managed to surprise gardeners around the world. More than forty years ago, David Latimer poured a bottle of his miniature garden and hermetically closed the container. Over the course of all these long years, David never opened a bottle. Despite the complete isolation from the surrounding reality, the plant feels excellent. Mr. Latimer holds the bottle near the window, so the plant suffices enough sunlight.

All the owner’s worries come down to turning the bottle over regularly so that the leaves grow evenly. An eighty-year-old pensioner has no more trouble with the plant. A miniature ecosystem has formed in the bottle, which is able to carry out photosynthesis and absorb light. According to the laws of biology, a plant regularly releases oxygen during photosynthesis.

Accumulated moisture "spills rain." Fallen leaves settle on the bottom of the bottle and rot, resulting in the formation of carbon dioxide, which is vital for root nutrition and photosynthesis. Mr. Latimer planted the plant in a bottle back in 1960. He did not want to become famous and did not dream of making a revolution in science. The reason for this act was the usual curiosity.


marina1083 06/28/2016
wow yes I want to try something similar

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