Top 10 "edible" beauty products

Modern women have long forgotten what it is like to make cosmetics yourself. Now professionals do everything for us, and this is for the best, because it gives you the opportunity to organize self-care without spending a titanic effort. However, most industrial cosmetics consist of synthetic components and petroleum products, and the number of active ingredients in them is small. Increasingly, women, noticing that a miracle did not happen, turn to their grandmother's recipes and begin to experiment.

Of course, the refusal to shop cosmetics is not a question, but home cosmetology has undoubted advantages, which are worth it to at least try to start applying it. Home remedies are natural and safe. They will not clog your pores and you are unlikely to be covered with a rash or redness after them. Home cosmetics always takes time, and this is a kind of ritual and time for oneself personally. Finally, these funds are quite budget. And as for how your feminine principle will be delighted when you suddenly begin to stir a real potion in a pot, and you should not say anything.

We have collected 10 of the best products that you can find in your kitchen that will surely please your skin.

10 place: Broth medicinal herbs

There are many options for using different decoctions. They are added to the mask, rinsed hair, make cosmetic ice. For example, chamomile will dry small inflammations on the face, nettle will help get rid of hair loss, and oak bark will enhance hair growth and reduce their fragility. Useful properties of chamomile as well as other herbs can be found in the Health section (medical herbs block).

9th place: Dairy products

Milk and dairy products contain a lot of protein, vitamins and microelements. So why not use them for skin? Masks from dairy products are good for oily skin. They whiten slightly, matte the skin and provide nourishment. Milk is more suitable for dry skin. It is very refreshing and gives the skin a rested appearance.

Another area of ​​application for fermented milk products is hair care. Kefir in the composition of the masks nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. And if there is no time to prepare the mask, to improve the condition of the hair, it is enough to rinse the hair with kefir 30 minutes before washing.

8th place: Gelatin

This forgotten product is also a multifunctional assistant in the quest for beauty. It is used for the preparation of cleansing masks, as well as actively used for hair care. Based on it, they prepare natural shampoos and shine masks. On our portal you can find many good recipes for gelatin hair masks.

7th place: Egg

This storehouse of protein and vitamins can not be overlooked in the care of skin and hair. The protein will make an excellent drying mask film for oily skin, and it’s generally difficult to overestimate the benefit of egg yolk for skin. It consists of fatty acids, vitamins A, E, D, B, as well as selenium, which is necessary for healthy hair. Use the yolk to prepare nutritious masks for the face and scalp - and the result will not leave you indifferent. In the Beauty section, you will find recipes for egg masks for hair.

6 place: Salt

It is better to use sea salt because of its higher mineral content. On its basis, excellent scrubs are obtained for the body and scalp, as well as foot and hand baths.

5th place: Honey

The beneficial effect of honey on the skin due to the content of fruit acids, vitamins of groups B and C, minerals. For example, a mask of honey and yolk will improve the condition of even heavily damaged hair, give extra shine and strengthen weakened hair. The use of honey is possible only in the absence of allergies. Here: hair masks with honey.

4th place: Olive oil

This is the best assistant in the care of dry skin. It has a nourishing effect, it is perfectly absorbed, in addition, it contains vitamin E - a faithful companion of beautiful skin. As part of the masks and independently, for the face, hands, body and hair - this oil will be an excellent helper in the care.

3rd place: Avocado

Avocado oil is the best you can offer your skin. In addition to the impressive composition of vitamins (A, E, D, B, PP), potassium and zinc, the composition of avocado oil fatty acids is as close as possible to the skin fats. This means that all nutrients in the maximum amount penetrate the skin. The oil is fully absorbed and suitable for all skin types, nourishing, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. Therefore, even if you do not use oil in your care, make an avocado mask once a week, and your skin will say thank you. The avocado mask recipe is here.

2 place: Coffee

Body scrub from ground coffee or coffee grounds will make you forget about industrial products. The coffee particles perfectly clean, the oils in the composition soften the coffee, and the invigorating aroma remains on the skin after the procedure. Essential, base oils or shower gel are optionally added to coffee.

1st place: Oatmeal, sir!

Replace one of the washings with oatmeal washing, and the result will not take long. Optionally, you can grind flakes in a coffee grinder or use whole. Pour a small amount of oatmeal with warm water and massage your face. This method of gentle cleansing of the skin helps to fight dryness, inflammation and provides gentle exfoliation. The skin tone is evened out and the face looks rested.

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