Is ultrasound harmful during pregnancy?

Appearing more than forty years ago, ultrasound, actively carried out in pregnant women, nowadays encounters many disturbing discussions. And what if it is not safe for a child? What if the baby is experiencing pain or fear under the influence of the apparatus? Does the ultrasound procedure help to end the pregnancy and can it cause serious pathologies? Some women believed in the harmfulness of this procedure, while others perceive ultrasound as an amusing entertainment, an opportunity to put in the photo album the first pictures of the child, taken before his birth.

Ultrasound - benefit or harm?

This study is intended to monitor the condition of the fetus. The very first appeal to a specialist helps to ensure that the fertilized egg is fixed in the uterus and to confirm or exclude anembryonic infection or the death of the embryo. It is carried out in the very early stages of pregnancy, using a transvaginal sensor.

Is it dangerous? The sensor is inserted into the vagina very carefully and has a small size. Such an ultrasound is completely safe and necessary if you suspect a frozen or ectopic pregnancy. The ideal time for holding is from 5 to 6 weeks, during this period the heartbeat is already heard, and the size of the ovum allows you to determine the exact age of the embryo and correct the expected date of birth.

The next study will be carried out in accordance with the screenings conducted and allows you to check not only the compliance of fetal size to normal, but also to measure the thickness of the collar space and the size of the nasal bone in the baby. It is carried out in the usual way, through the peritoneal wall.

The third ultrasound will assess the condition of the placenta and the position of the baby in the uterus. Perhaps, according to its results, a final decision on the method of delivery will be made. The last research can be carried out at the beginning of labor activity - during contractions.

Do I need to be afraid of ultrasound?

Excessive suspicion during pregnancy is inherent in every woman. But it is necessary to control your own fears, otherwise the harm can be done by the mother’s anxiety and anxiety before and during the procedure. The very same study has been conducted for more than a decade, with no negative effects on the fetus identified.

Is it possible to conduct ultrasound at will?

Normally, in the absence of a threat or suspicion of genetic abnormalities, ultrasound is prescribed three times during the entire period of pregnancy. Of course, it is not at all necessary to abuse this procedure because of the desire to watch the baby or see his sex, but if you have any concerns or suspicions, an additional procedure will not be superfluous. Usually, a doctor will give you a referral to control ultrasounds, but if there is no confidence in the quality of the equipment or the skill level of the specialist, you can contact other clinics or medical centers equipped with more modern equipment.

When does ultrasound become a necessity?

In some cases, visit the office uzist often have. Women who have gone through a cesarean section should be observed by a specialist who will monitor the condition of the scar. Additional control may be assigned in the presence of difficult pregnancy, pathological conditions of the fetus or mother. The threat of termination of pregnancy, bleeding, suspicion of a lack of heartbeat - all of these conditions require additional monitoring by an ultrasound specialist. The presence of cysts and tumors are also a reason to control with ultrasound, because pregnancy can cause their growth.

Currently, an ultrasound scan helps to quickly and accurately monitor possible deviations and risks, which means that it gives an opportunity to intervene in time and carry out the necessary treatment. Try to save all the results of the study - they may be required at any time and help the doctor more accurately assess the situation, timely warning of risks.

Text: Vera Guler

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