Where did the fashion go to carry small dogs?

How often have you seen a lady walking with an elegant bag in one hand and a little dog in the other? But where did such a fashion come from? Today, there are three versions of the origin of this hobby.

  • In the XVIII century, personal hygiene was not so peculiar to people, like, say, our contemporaries. Wash was unpopular, considered an indecent act. Therefore, noble ladies carried small dogs with them, so that the lice and fleas present on the young ladies' body jumped to the dogs, which are known to have the highest body temperature.
  • There is a more fantastic version: in medieval France, during the sexual revolution, when the number of sexual positions was minimal, the ladies managed to learn some new poses, as well as enjoy anal sex. The ladies strained the sphincter, which, due to the frequent stimulation, contributed to frequent gas separation, which was carried out ... right in the dog, so that if anything, to write off this "indecent" situation on a small pet. In addition, men believed the presence of a small dog at the lady of her indifferent attitude to anal sex.
  • The latest version is prosaic. On the dogs' hair, the ladies wiped their hands after a meal, acts of defecation and other "dirty" procedures at balls and parties.

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