Tomatoes are able to protect the body against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Recent studies in the field of nutrition have shown that not only special drugs are able to fight heart diseases, but also ordinary products that can be found in every home. So, doctors recommend that everyone who cares about the health of their hearts enter into the diet more tomatoes. Tomatoes are extremely effective, not fresh, but past thermal or culinary processing.

Eating tomatoes prepared in one form or another can reduce the development of heart disease. This is helped by the antioxidant found in vegetables - lokopin. It becomes especially effective if the tomatoes are fried.

Only 80 gr. tomato sauce is enough to protect against fatty foods that negatively affect the cardiovascular system. This was confirmed by studies of Italian scientists. Twenty volunteers took part in the experiment. They were divided into two groups, one of which received a fat dish, "decorated" with tomato sauce, and the other received a similar dish without tomato sauce.

The experiment showed that even a small number of heat-treated tomatoes can provide the walls of blood vessels with the necessary protection, preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis, a disease affecting the body’s arteries. This disease is extremely dangerous for the heart, because fraught with heart attack.

The beneficial effect of lipocopin has been confirmed previously. It provides tomatoes with a thick and bright red color. Over the past few years, experts have proven that this substance is able to protect the body from various ailments, including cancer.

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