Icons of the style of the last century and what is their secret

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich - retro style icon. This spectacular woman was popular not only with the ability to present herself, but also with an unusual style for her time. Her clothes were similar to men, but she was able to always maintain femininity and extraordinary attractiveness, for which she was called "the most stylish man in Hollywood." The most memorable element of her image was the black cylinder.

Of course, in her wardrobe there were also dresses, but she retained her memorable image to old age.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is not just an icon of the style of the whole century, millions of women tried to imitate her around the world. The main rule of her image was: always wear something that causes desire in men. That is why in her wardrobe there are a lot of open dresses, perfectly emphasizing her magnificent forms.

The main elements of her style were:

  • Open neckline
  • Open shoulders
  • Open back

And, of course, Marilyn is always recognizable by the short curled hairstyle of blond hair and bright red lipstick.

Unfortunately, Marilyn Monroe’s life was not long, but for more than a decade she’s her image has remained incredibly popular.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn - an icon of elegance and femininity. Once she became the muse of the famous designer Givenchy, and afterwards his good friend. The actress appeared in every new film in the impressive outfits that any woman of that time dreamed about.

Thanks to this actress, bell skirts, big sunglasses, sleeveless blouses and leggings came into vogue.

The peculiarity of her style are:

  • Long slender neck
  • A huge number of unusual hats

Due to the fact that Audrey was engaged in ballet, she had a thin and fragile figure, ideally looking in elegant dresses.

Hepburn remained an icon of style until the end of her days and always claimed that the secret of the beauty of a woman is not beautiful clothes, but a beautiful soul.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren - an example of incredible elegance and femininity. All her life she preferred classic outfits, as she believed that they were completely beyond the control of fashion and time. Sophie had dark skin, so most often she chose white clothes. The main features of her style are:

  • Bright underlined waist
  • Furs
  • Deep cleavage

Despite the fact that her outfits were always sexy, she never looked vulgar.

Today, Sophia Loren, in spite of her years, is a bright and showy woman who never leaves her famous style.


Lancy Hongby, better known as Twiggy in the 60s turned all sorts of ideas about female beauty! She was an outstanding model and dressed so that can be called asexual. The features of her style were:

  • Simple outfits
  • Short haircut
  • Drawn long eyelashes
  • Slim figure

Her style is minimalism, because all her clothes were incredibly simple and short. It was this model that gave rise to fashion on dresses, flared from the chest. Also with Twiggy began the popularity of bright, sometimes even acid shades in clothing.

Now, Twiggy changed her image, grew long hair and began to dress femininely. This is probably one of the few models that have completely changed their famous style.

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