Everything you didn't know about leggings

Few people know, but the extremely popular leggings were originally the type of male dress pants, which were made from the skin of elk. Actually, hence the name. In our country, leggings have been known since the 18th century, when they became part of the uniform of the Prussian army. They were extremely narrow, so they had to be soaked to wear. They were already dry on the body. It was not just uncomfortable, but physically painful - they caused skin abrasions. Wearing them on the parade, Emperor Nicholas I then for several days could not leave the walls of his palace.

In German, leggings are called leggings, which today are part of a cavalry costume, since they were originally part of the uniform of the cavalry of European countries of the past centuries.

The great French revolution of the XVIII claimed many lives. The bodies of dead or executed people fell into a pile on the street, where they rot, spreading the infection. The Revolutionary Committee considered it wrong that human skin disappears in vain and some of the dandies of those times could boast of leggings from human skin.

In the new history of our country, leggings appeared closer to restructuring. Girls wore them under a mini-skirt or a long blazer, although in European countries this “form” of clothes was acceptable only for prostitutes.

Now leggings come in a variety of colors and styles. In particular, in China, leggings were released in a pattern of unepiliated legs, which supposedly should contribute to the braving of annoying fans.

Due to the special composition, the leggings fit perfectly on the figure, do not lose their shape when worn, perfectly stretch, sometimes four times, resistant to low temperature. And most importantly - do not hold down movement.

Now they have been made from cotton, polyamide, velvet and so on. Tights give the legs a feeling of muscle tone, emphasizing the beauty of slender female legs.

There are leggings - a kind of leggings, characterized in that they have similarity with tights with only an open foot. Make them different: under the skin, with patterns, mesh, etc.

As a rule, this type of clothing is preferred by women involved in sports, cycling, etc.