Who became the prototype of Dr. Lector in the movie "Silence of the Lambs"?

Hannibal Lecturer, the hero of the tetralogy of the novel of the American writer Thomas Harris is a talented psychiatrist, intellectual, esthete, and at the same time a serial cannibal killer. For a long time, fans of the film tried to understand: who became the prototype of Dr. Lector? The names were also cannibal Albert Fish, and cannibal William Coyne. However, by the release of the new edition of Silence of the Lambs, Harris revealed intrigue and said that the prison doctor from Monterrey, Dr. Salazar, became the prototype of his character. The writer first met him, where he came to interview one prisoner who tried to escape. However, he was injured by a guard and saved by Dr. Salazar.

Harris recalls that he had a long conversation with the doctor about the wounded prisoner and about the problems that could lead him to crimes. It was this conversation that formed the basis of the communication scene of Dr. Lector and the FBI Starling agent about her childhood fears.

According to Harris, Dr. Salazar was a short man with red hair, who was calm and elegant.

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