Female errors in bed

Sex is one of the most important parts of a harmonious relationship. If everything is perfect in bed, if both partners are satisfied, it helps to avoid conflicts and disputes in other areas of life. The psycho-emotional background of such people is smooth and calm, and the relationship is warm and romantic. Many people mistakenly think that the matter is in the number of poses and knowledge of various technical “chips”. In fact, it is only worth avoiding a few typical mistakes, and the status of a great lover is in your pocket.

Silence is not gold

Here it is worth mentioning two points. First, no man has extrasensory abilities and cannot guess what you really lack during intimacy. Everyone seems to know about this. The mistake is that women, being emotional beings, often tell a man about their desires immediately after sex, and in an accusatory tone. Or, worse, right during him. A man throughout the sexual intercourse is in a state close to euphoria, and at this moment, with an insult in his voice, they begin to make claims. Put yourself in a partner's place. There may be a desire not only to go towards, but just to have sex in the future.

Psychologists say that any person easily perceives criticism, if at first praise him. Wait a day, hug your man, kiss and say: "Honey, yesterday you were great, and if you do something else for me, I will just be in seventh heaven with pleasure." He will gladly fulfill your wish. And as soon as he does, praise him immediately. The same tactic works if you don’t like any actions of your partner. Wishes can be expressed in the process, but with a beautiful aspiration, as, excuse me, in films for adults. Then it will be adequately perceived and also executed.

Secondly, in addition to moans and intermittent breathing, many men like to hear some text during sex. Roughly speaking, if even the very vulgar, in your opinion, words are torn out of you, do not be shy. During intimacy, everything is perceived as somewhat idealized, therefore, no matter what you say, it will add spice and mischief, and will inevitably increase your status in the eyes of your partner.


Many women, after reading in the youth of various thematic forums, begin to think that oral sex is a certain highest point of pleasure for a man. This is a kind of gift, and every self-respecting woman, in order to preserve the relationship, should at least sometimes give him similar pleasure. So, if the soul does not lie to this, you should not do it. In bed, when all feelings are aggravated, the partner will unmistakably determine that you are doing it "under the lash." Such behavior not only will not bring the desired pleasure, but, on the contrary, will offend the man. The same can be said about any other actions - nothing can be done through force. But if you want and practice, and happiness in the eyes of a loved one is not visible, there is the following error.

Self confidence

According to sexologists, even 40-year-old women who have replaced many partners often do not know the elementary technical details. The reason is that sex is perceived as something natural, elementary. Sex is an art, and, like any art, it needs to learn. The Internet is a storehouse of such information, look for interesting techniques, read the advice of "experienced". When you learn about the new technique, do not rush to immediately apply it on the living experimental, first study the topic in detail. Ask questions not only to women, but also to men - they better see all the pitfalls.

And, finally, a little trick for those who began to be ashamed of their own body. Buy Christmas tree lights or any blue light bulbs. With such lighting, the contours are a little hidden, and the silhouette acquires a magical moonlight glow. Do not deny a man the pleasure of seeing you - for them it is no less important than to touch.

Becoming an object of admiration and envy is easy, you just need to try a little bit.

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