How can we harm our skin?

Many people are slaves to their habits, some of which turn into big problems and, in particular, problem skin. Consider some of these habits.

Gum, tubes, cigarettes

According to cosmetologists, chewing gum, which normalizes acid-base balance, eliminating caries from caries, leads to loss of muscle tone around the mouth. As a result, mimic wrinkles arise, to get rid of which is extremely difficult.

Oddly enough, a similar effect is created, and we love to drink drinks from the tube. And, of course, smoking, which not only adversely affects the body as a whole, but also causes loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Phones, brushes, sponges

All these seemingly incompatible things manifest the same effect — dirt on the face. Recent studies have shown that a huge number of bacteria accumulate on a mobile phone handset. What to do in this case? Often wipe the phone or buy him a protective case.

Makeup applicators are definitely “attractive” for bacteria. It must be remembered that both brushes and sponges must be disinfected after use.

Pimples, hot bath, cosmetics

Squeezing acne is one of the favorite activities of most girls. However, cosmetologists recommend squeezing only "ripe" pimples, which, and you need to know about it, can provoke an inflammatory process in the case of "squeezing" the pimple into the skin.

A hot bath is also harmful to the skin, since its protective layer cannot be restored, which leads to dryness and dermatitis. Hot water also weakens the walls of blood vessels: there may appear asterisks of red vessels on the legs.

Many girls neglect make-up remover, going to bed made-up. You need to know that from midnight to 4 am, the skin absorbs everything that it has on the surface. As a result, the skin is not enriched with oxygen, but clogs the pores with residues of powder and blush, causing allergies, acne, etc.

Diet, work, lack of sleep

Of course, to constantly sit on different diets, work endlessly and stay up late, is extremely harmful. One day your skin will make you pay for it. And, above all, wrinkles.

Workaholism leads to increased production of the hormone cortisol, which suppresses immunity, blocking blood flow to the cells.

Lack of sleep also leads to the fact that cells lack oxygen, with the result that the person loses a fresh and healthy look.

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