A few rules of anti-aging makeup

According to cosmetologists, you can look younger than your age at any age. Of course, with good heredity, you can always look for 18 years. However, the main thing is the knowledge that even a young girl can become old and not put this knowledge into practice.

Have you ever noticed that models on the catwalks look as if they are far away in 20 years, although many of them have just turned 17? The reason for such artificial aging is unnatural tan and special makeup. Consider these factors in more detail.

Slender chocolate-colored figure

If year-round tanning is important to you, and you want to look young and fresh at the same time, use creams marked "light" or a light shade from the tanning bed. By the way, chocolate tan is already out of fashion. Now on the agenda natural pallor.

Podium makeup

Of course, makeup that can rejuvenate any face - natural, business, in the style of nude. No need to get involved in bright colors of lipstick, blush or eyebrows. What is appropriate on the podium looks ridiculous in everyday life, adding to you a dozen years. Cosmetics must be selected in accordance with the color of the eyes and hair.

Anti-aging make-up is light shade, smooth lines, emphasis on expressive eyes, lack of eyeliner, use of dark gray or brown mascara (black mascara is only suitable for brunettes). In order to look younger, it is also recommended not to paint eyebrows and lower lashes.

A few rules of "rejuvenating" makeup

  • First, it is light shades. Powder or foundation should always be lighter than the skin tone, or repeat it exactly. The tone is darker can be used in the summer, then he will be able to imitate a light tan.
  • Light shadows visually enlarge the eyes. However, mascara, powder, lip gloss or hygienic lipstick will be enough for daytime makeup.
  • When choosing a colored lipstick, be sure to choose a pencil to match her. And the color of lipstick to match the shadows.

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