Scientists: the idea of ​​a blood type diet is absurd

The blood type diet has gained a lot of fans, promising great results in extremely short periods. It is based on this factor - the extraordinary popularity of this diet, Canadian scientists decided to figure out: what is its effectiveness? As it turned out, there is no connection between the usefulness of the products and the human blood group. Moreover, it never existed. Instead, experts recommend turning to more realistic diets, taking into account the calories in the diet, and properly cooked food.

Scientists have confirmed their assumption by interviewing about 1.5 people. As it turned out, the very idea of ​​the interconnection of products that make it possible to lose weight quickly, depending on one or another blood group, seems to many rather absurd and without any scientific justification. A survey of healthy people with simultaneous blood sampling from them only confirmed this information. According to scientists, to lose weight is not necessary to adhere to exotic modern diets. All the rules of rational nutrition have been known for a very long time. A combination of them with an active lifestyle can quickly give the desired result.

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