Headache during pregnancy

Evil migraines, vascular spasms, pressure drops significantly ruin the lives of many people familiar with first-hand headaches. Mankind has learned to defeat seizures with analgesics, but the headache during pregnancy is unpleasant because most drugs designed to alleviate suffering are banned. The prospect of enduring the discomfort and inconvenience all nine months does not seem attractive to anyone, so you should know in advance the "enemy by sight" and learn to stop attacks by other means. And for this you need to understand why a headache during pregnancy and what can be done about it.

The reasons

The unpleasant news is that the headache can go hand in hand with toxicosis - the faithful companion of the first trimester. This is due to increased sense of smell, and hormonal changes, and with the appeared tiredness and lack of sleep. Unfortunately, those fortunate ones for whom these problems did not exist before simply complain of these conditions.

Another reason is the change in pressure. In some pregnant women, it becomes higher than normal, which in itself is an alarming symptom, and hypotensive suffer from a ban on caffeine, which has become customary for them - because coffee often heads the list of excluded products for future mothers. In later periods, poor posture can cause headaches, since a large, heavy stomach provides a strong load on the shoulders and neck.


Habitual painkillers — aspirin and even safer ibuprofen — are required to leave the expectant mother's first aid kit by the time they become pregnant — they may be unsafe for the baby. Of the means approved by doctors, only paracetamol-based anesthetics remain, which does not help everyone. Yes, and with frequent pains, it is not recommended to use it as a fixed asset. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with a headache with the help of natural remedies:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Fresh air
  • Massage

If in ordinary life to think about the harm of some products was not enough, then pregnancy is an excellent reason to revise your diet in terms of its usefulness and even safety. For example, you will have to learn that some products not only do not bring any benefit, but also are provocateurs of migraines. Chocolates, smoked meats, cold cuts and cheeses can cause or intensify a headache. These catalysts include more harmless, and even useful, products - for example, citrus and offal.

The correct diet of the day is more preferable during pregnancy than the loading dose of analgesics, and the advantage of a healthy lifestyle is not in the treatment, but in the prevention of painful conditions. Walking in the open air and airing the room help to establish sleep and get rid of the feeling of tiredness and weakness, the stuffiness also contributes to the increase in headache attacks.

Massage. Most likely, the spouse will have to master a new profession - after all, the ability to stop pain with analgesics for a pregnant wife is no longer available, which means her health will be in the strong hands of her husband. A head massage using lemon essential oil or cologne with a citrus scent removes a headache that has already begun. In the later periods, massage of the upper back and neck may be required.

Text: Vera Guler

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