Charm lessons from famous women

The history has a lot of women who became famous not only for their talents and actions, but also who became the standards of feminine charm. Sometimes, not possessing perfect beauty, these women literally drove the great men crazy. The secrets of their magnetism intrigue contemporaries today.


Despite the clumsiness of her appearance, the famous queen of Egypt had power over many men. She achieved this success not only due to her careful care of herself: incense and milk baths. The peculiarity of its charm was, above all, tactics. She knew how to play every situation to the last detail, was decisive and bold. Skillfully owned his voice and speech. These qualities helped her to seduce the most great and impregnable man of that time - Julius Caesar.

Mata Hari

The love of this famous courtesan was sought by many powerful men. Her hobbies and connections do not recognize geographical boundaries. But the most important passion of the life of Mata Hari was a card game. It was this natural passion and looseness that made a tall, slim beauty - a woman-dream. In addition, she was very artistic and performed oriental dances superbly.

Coco Chanel

She had a beautiful appearance, chiseled figure, exquisite taste. But despite this, she always focused on the beauty and power of the soul. Coco Chanel can rightly be called a true lady. Her manners, vitality, self-control and charming smile aroused the admiration of not only men but also women.

Lilya Brik

Intelligent, self-confident, sharp-tongued, Lilya Brik had her own philosophy of relationships with men. She could not be called a sultry beauty with an ideal figure, but the entire male intelligentsia of the last century was drawn to her, bestowing attention and love. The most ardent admirer of Lily Brik was Mayakovsky. It was to her that he dedicated his poems, his life and death. The secret of her charisma lay in freedom in everything: thoughts, actions, choices. And silk underwear, according to Brik, is only a nice addition.

Marilyn Monroe

Pretty Norma Baker managed to make a true sex symbol of the 20th century film star named Marilyn Monroe. Her image is woven from small sensual details: snow-white skin, expressive eyes, bright red lips, seductive front sight, gentle voice with a slight gasp. Monroe behaved with men at ease and naturally, and in addition a languid look and a mysterious smile. And, of course, the famous walk! Little steps and seductive swaying of the hips. No wonder Marilyn Monroe had so many lovers and fans!

The list of great women is endless. Each of them has something to learn. Today charm lessons can be taught by Renata Litvinov, Carl Bruni, Kate Middleton, Catherine Deneuve. Just remember that the charm of a woman lies in her originality and naturalness, which at all times valued the most.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova

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