Agutin and Varum celebrate the 16th anniversary of their wedding

Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. Agutin noted this event not only on Twitter, but also in love poems for his wife.

Fans have left the event without attention, rushed to congratulate the couple on the anniversary.

Despite the fact that the couple in appearance always looks happy, more recently, Angelica and Leonid were on the verge of a divorce - a video appeared in the network where Agutin kisses a tall brunette. There were no comments from the couple, but the distance between them was felt.

Today, the couple puts joint photos in various social networks. Agutin admits that every day he discovers something new in his wife, that he is in love with her as much as 16 years ago.

Watch the video: Varum and Agutin - Dve Daroge, Dva Pyti (December 2019).