Should I turn a blind eye to men's whims

Since childhood, men are taught that whims and touchiness are character traits that are unique to women. They can indulge, they can be forgiven. Men are not allowed such a luxury. However, if your chosen one often finds fault with you on trifles and may, for no reason, stop talking to you, then most likely you are faced with a rather rare type — a capricious man.

Most likely, the reason for this lies in the features of education. If, for example, your chosen one grew up in an incomplete family, his mother could indulge and care for her child without any measure for many years. So he used to always be in the spotlight. Anything that does not go the way he wants causes childish offense.

To put up with such behavior or not is up to every woman to decide. But there is a danger that the capricious man will eventually turn into a domestic tyrant. Inattention to his person will be perceived as a personal insult and an attempt to "revolution." If it is possible, it is extremely difficult to reverse this situation. But you can try.

Try to immediately explain that in living together, both have responsibilities, and they should be distributed equally. Attention must also be divided into all. If you are tired, he is not entitled to demand increased attention from you, because you also need to rest. Categorically state: I decided to start a family, it means it's time to realize that childhood has ended, and no one else will resort to it at the first call. With his demands and insults, he wounds not only you, he gradually destroys your relationship.

All this is possible only if you are already married to the "whim." If your relationship is only in its infancy, and the chosen one has already managed to show himself as a spoiled and infantile boy, then you should think: are you ready for such a relationship? Re-education, if it succeeds, can take an enormous amount of time.

Do you need to spend your strength on a person who has not yet grown (and, perhaps, does not grow up) to the "adult" relationship.

"Whims" of men may be episodic. For example, when your elect believes that he lacks the attention and care on your part. Try to analyze his complaints. Do they have a foundation? If yes, then “rolling up your sleeves”, begin to show your man how he is dear to you and valuable, listen to his complaints (after all, after all, men are people too, with their own weaknesses), feel sympathy, give good advice. Perhaps this will help your lover to take himself in hand, again to feel like the head of the family, and you - a weak woman, requiring care and protection. And everything will finally fall into place. However, if in spite of any efforts, complaints and whims continue, you should think about what you need: a man, a "protector" or a man-child?