Unequal marriage. Is happiness possible?

In the XXI century, the concept of "unequal marriage" is outdated. Many relationships have acquired a paradoxical form.

Previously, people united for two main reasons: material gain (marriage of convenience) or love (mutual feelings). Now a lot has changed, and it is often possible to meet an "unequal marriage," which is based on various reasons.

Men aged often want to get a young bride for several reasons.

  • Regain confidence. When a man's sexual desire gradually fades away, he begins to panic. A young woman can become an object of adoration, and return the lost sexual rhythm to his life.
  • Romance. With age, the man feels the need for romance, including to enhance sexual interest and desire.
  • Mutual respect. A man gets tired to perform sexual exploits and wants to see a young good wife with him, which he will adore.

Women over 40 also often choose young partners. They pursue their own interests.

  • Sex. A woman passes a certain stage in her life and she wants new impressions, including sexual ones.
  • Romance. In a young husband, a woman finds the realization of her maternal feelings. She wants to take care, to give love and tenderness.
  • The extension of youth. A woman is looking for a young man because she wants to prolong her youth (external and internal).

Psychologists say that each of the partners wants to benefit from different age relations. And if they find it, then the so-called "unequal marriage" is formed.

Many argue that "unequal marriages" always lead to collapse. British scientists have proven that in "unequal unions" husband and wife experience more stressful situations.

A marriage union is long-term, as long as the partners feel the strength of convergence, and so far they have something in common (interest, passion, love, business).

Husband is older than wife

A woman, choosing a husband as a husband is much older than her, often does not weigh up to the end the “pros” and “cons” of such a marriage. When the euphoria passes, it turns out that she is not ready to accept this relationship. After the wedding revealed a lot of unpleasant moments. But it is even harder for her when her husband doesn’t want to change anything in his well-established lifestyle and doesn’t want to adapt to his young wife.

Pitfalls in such relationships are more often: the presence of the husband's children from previous marriages, the difference of interests and intimate problems. To preserve such a marriage, the wife often has to adapt to her husband: put up with his character, habits and try to match his ideal of a woman.

Wife is older than husband

When a wife is older than her husband, jealousy and self-doubt are often problems in a relationship. It is easier for a man to live the living conditions in which he falls in marriage with a woman older than him. He understands the experience and maturity of his spouse and uses this to organize a more comfortable life.

As a rule, the young spouse does not want to spend his youth in a quiet family nest. His soul requires entertainment, communication and diversity. Often, such a union is broken, because of the inability of the young husband to take relationships and family seriously.

Therefore, before entering into "unequal marriages", it is necessary to think carefully about this important act, to highlight the pros and cons of future relationships. It is not necessary that this marriage be destroyed with time. As the statistics show, the classical variants of marriage unions break up more often than "unequal".

Examples of official "unequal marriages":

  • Actress Demi Moore with her young spouse, actor Ashton Kutcher (age difference - 16 years).
  • Singer and composer Igor Nikolaev and singer Julia Proskuryakova (22 years of difference).
  • Singer Prokhor Shalyapin and business woman Larisa Kopenkina (26 years difference).
  • Singer Alla Pugacheva and humorist Maxim Galkin (27 years difference).
  • Singer Madonna and her partner Jesús Luz (28 years difference).
  • Actor Oleg Tabakov and actress Marina Zudina (30 years of age).
  • Musician Ronnie Wood and Catherine Ivanova (41 year difference).

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