Emotions without a trace: how to get rid of facial wrinkles?

Thoughts about the approach of old age arise when the first wrinkles become noticeable in the mirror. But, as in everything, their appearance is easier to prevent than to wage a merciless war with pronounced age-related changes. So, the earlier the girl thinks about maintaining skin tone, the longer she will retain her elasticity and healthy appearance. But even if the wrinkles have already appeared on the face, this is not a reason to get upset, because you can successfully fight them with the help of medical cosmetology.

Why do wrinkles appear?

Many factors affect the condition of the skin: from the environment and lifestyle to the person’s character and emotionality. Mimic wrinkles on the forehead or in the corners of the lips and eyes may become noticeable at 18 and at 40. The reason for their occurrence is in the active activity of the facial muscles. But the severity depends on both genetics and emotionality.

The richer the facial expressions, the earlier wrinkles appear more clearly:

- in the corners of the eyes

- at the corners of the lips

- on the forehead

- on the nose.

Over time, they become more and more visible, which is associated with the natural process of skin aging: loss of moisture, decrease in elasticity due to the lack of hyaluronic acid in the skin cells.

How to postpone the appearance of the first wrinkles?

But no matter how active you are smiling or frowning, it is quite possible to cope with the early appearance of facial wrinkles. To do this, you must carefully take care of your face: use cleansing and moisturizing agents selected specifically for your skin type. Proper care allows you to maximally protect fabrics from external negative influences.

Popular homemade beauty recipes, some of which are quite effective. From natural components (egg yolk, honey, olive oil, aloe juice, etc.) you can make maxi, which will maintain the youth and elasticity of the skin.

Also from popular methods good results are rubbed with ice cubes, facial gymnastics or self-massage.

A healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, consumption of a sufficient amount of water a day, exercise, walking in the fresh air, positive emotions - all this also helps to improve the quality of the skin and preserve its youth. An apple eaten for lunch already appeared with wrinkles, of course, cannot cope, but in this case achievements of modern cosmetology come to the rescue.

How to deal with facial wrinkles?

The possibilities of aesthetic medicine today are truly impressive. To achieve the desired result - elastic, smooth, fresh skin - you can easily and quickly.

In the center "Laser Doctor" there is an opportunity to choose the most optimal procedure for oneself, which will allow to cope with both mimic wrinkles and more pronounced folds:

biorevitalization and mesotherapy - injection techniques that allow you to return the youth of the skin. The first is due to the introduction of hyaluronic acid and the restoration of water balance, the second due to "vitamin cocktails" that stimulate tissue regeneration;

contour and volumetric plastics - imparting volumes or correction of individual parts of the face with the help of injections of gels based on hyaluronic acid.

But one of the most popular methods is injections of Botox or Dysport, the active ingredient of which is botulinum neurotoxin type A. This preparation relaxes muscles, thanks to which wrinkles are smoothed for a long time. In this case, the mobility of muscles and facial expressions are preserved, blood circulation is not disturbed, and the skin looks fresh.

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