The "rudiments" of modern women

Rudiment are remnants of endangered phenomena that have lost their important function. Have you ever wondered whether there are rudiments in our modern life, or rather, in the life of a woman? Let's look at the most common practices of women who are close to them since ancient times.


One of the most ancient types of art - knitting, appeared in the XI century BC in the Middle East. For example, in Egypt, in one of the tombs was found a small knitted slipper for a child. Previously, women knitted to provide themselves and their families with necessary clothing, as in such distant times there was no factory production.

Only 50-100 years ago, no woman in the village could imagine her life without this occupation, but what now? In the modern world, knitting has become just a hobby, not a way of life support. For the most part, we buy knitted clothes made by machines, not hands, however, handicrafts are always valued much more.


Like knitting, sewing is an ancient craft that was nothing but a necessity. Ancient people froze without clothes, and the first sewing was quite primitive - with the help of a stone needle and the veins of animals they connected the fabric.

A modern woman seldom uses needles and stitches for sewing. A sewing machine that has completely transformed the sewing process has come to replace it for a long time.

A century ago, without a embroidery, there was not a single pillowcase in the village house, a duvet cover, towels or clothes, which, by the way, were sewn with the same hand.

Now sewing is much more widespread than knitting, but due to the advent of machine production, it is no longer necessary.


Divination is much more ancient than sewing or knitting, it is a very ancient magic ritual. Fate and future tormented man even thousands and hundreds of thousands of years ago. The first fortune-telling was carried out with the help of animal bones, which were simply thrown into the fire, and after deciphering, divination "bones", runes and maps appeared later.

Today, probably, every woman at least once tried to guess on the cards or pronounced "Suicide, disguised" as a child in front of a mirror. Moreover, many of the fortune-telling are perceived by a modern woman, as a real ritual, not questioned.

It is worth saying that in the modern world women do many things that their mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and many other ancestors did. Most of these things have become familiar, and some, like knitting or sewing, have become a hobby.

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