How our grandmothers cared for themselves and what we can learn from them

In continuation of one of the already published articles we will look at how our grandmothers cared for themselves.

For many grandmothers, their age is only a figure in the passport. Despite the difficult times and the lack of modern cosmetics, procedures and plastic surgery, they managed to preserve the freshness and natural beauty. What's the secret? Of course, there are certain tricks and recipes that are relevant today.

Gifts of nature

Looking at women's retro photos it’s hard not to notice fluffy hairstyles, shiny curls, bright clean faces, chiseled figures ... A first-class photoshop wizard would say “Wow!” Without knowing about the authenticity of the pictures. The secret of natural beauty lies in the absence of any chemistry. Nature gave us a tremendous wealth of resources that our grandmothers skillfully used.

  • Chamomile, nettle, sage, hops, burdock - this is the main arsenal that will preserve the health and beauty of your hair. Regular use of decoctions of these herbs for rinsing will give your hair strength, shine and prevent their loss. As a hair conditioner, you can also use beer or vinegar, lemon, salt water.
  • Take a loaf of black bread and crumble it. Add some water. After some time, apply the resulting gruel to your hair, then wrap your head with a towel or kerchief for half an hour. Regular use of this procedure will protect your hair from falling out and breakage. In the mask, you can add egg yolk, vegetable oil or a spoonful of honey.
  • To care for your skin will help sour milk, honey, egg white, sour cream and lemon. Use these ingredients separately. Apply masks for no more than 20 minutes. Soft, elastic, clean skin is guaranteed.

Water treatment

In order for the body to remain young and fit as long as possible, it is necessary to carry out water procedures correctly. Once a week, with the exception of contraindications, it is important to visit the bath or sauna. Any bathing must end with a cold shower or douche. The effect of water treatments can increase rubbing with a hot and cold towel. After that, blood circulation is noticeably improved, vigor appears and the mood rises.

For tired feet and hands, use chamomile, soda or salt baths.

Physical exercise

The past century was deprived of the Internet, gadgets and other communications. Therefore, our grandparents spent a large amount of time on hikes, on walks, doing swimming, riding and cycling. Take note of this!

Natural beauty does not require sacrifices and financial investments. It just needs to be taken care of and maintained. And the wise advice of grandmothers will help you with this!

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