Migraine: Placebo works wonders

For headaches, we most often resort to the use of painkillers. Migraine complaints are one of the most common complaints in the therapist’s or neurologist’s office. Migraines often lead to various mental disorders, reducing the quality of a person’s life. However, recent studies by Israeli scientists have shown that a headache can be overcome without medication.

The experiment involved 66 people, who had 450 attacks of migraine were recorded. Each patient took a rizatriptan pill, a remedy for migraine headaches for acute headaches. However, someone was told that they received a placebo - a pacifier, the effect of which depends solely on the patient's faith in him. Someone told the truth. Medication was also accompanied by various psychological guidance: from negative to neutral.

If a person knew that the drug is real, his pain was halved, and a positive attitude significantly increased the therapeutic effect. If the person knew that he was taking a placebo, his pain did not recede, or he received a negative tone from the doctors. Scientists have concluded that placebo can do wonders, clearly demonstrating therapeutic value. The main thing - faith in recovery and a positive attitude.

Watch the video: Stanford Hospital's Meredith Barad on Migraine Headaches (December 2019).