Killing people is not beer, or Alcohol can improve a person’s immunity.

As it turned out, small doses of alcohol can activate a person’s immunity, make his body more stable in the fight against infections. Studies were conducted on monkeys, which were divided into two groups of six individuals. Initially, both groups received alcohol as an additive, after which all small monkeys were vaccinated against smallpox. Then one of the groups continued to give alcohol, and the second - sweetened water. At a certain interval, the monkeys were revaccinated.

According to the observations of scientists, after the first vaccination results in both groups were the same. Monkeys that received alcohol throughout the experimental period had a reduced immunity in response to infections. A group of monkeys that received a limited amount of alcohol was more resistant to various kinds of diseases. Scientists believe that alcohol, taken in certain doses, is quite capable of having a similar effect. However, experts emphasize that the data obtained are for informational purposes only. The experiment was not conducted on humans and, perhaps, even with its implementation could have given completely opposite results.


tusik 01/16/2016
Zhvanetsky also said that "alcohol in small doses is harmless in any quantities."

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