Wife and business woman: combine roles

In modern society, women have to perform many roles: daughter, wife, mother, professional employee. A woman realizes that life without a family is meaningless, but it becomes unbearable to confine ourselves to household chores and everyday problems. I want to realize myself in the public or creative sphere, while not forgetting about close people. I want to act, to benefit society, or to improve the well-being of my family.

Is it possible to combine the role of a good wife and a business woman? How to find a balance, a middle ground, between family and career?

  • The most important advice that a woman should remember forever: be able to share family (love) and career. If at work you have to fulfill the role of a stern boss, to be powerful, concrete and a little tough, then when you come home, you should forget about these qualities. Crossing the threshold of the house, you need to again become a gentle, loving wife for her husband and caring mother for the child. Your relatives should not feel the working team tone and constant moralizing on you. Sooner or later it will lead to sad consequences: the husband will become your henpecked, or will not stand it and will leave the family.
  • Learn to control your emotions.. This is the most difficult moment, but it certainly needs to be learned so that there are no conflicts in the family. Work problems should remain within the walls of the office. No need to bring them home. Remember: your husband does not need an irritated and nervous wife who constantly talks about working conflicts.
  • Holidays and weekends you have to devote to your family. This should be a mandatory rule for loved ones to feel your love and care. It is desirable that on such days you have turned off the telephone, Internet and other means of communication, on which your colleagues constantly disturb you.
  • The most important advice is do not deny your husband in intimacy. You can refuse sex once or twice. But if it happens all the time because of fatigue, the husband will take it as a personal insult.

Many famous women become models of imitation: they show on their personal example that it is possible not only to make a successful career, but also to save the family. The wisdom of a woman is that she should not put pressure on a man and accuse him of inaction. On the contrary, a woman should encourage a man to do the right thing and show that she believes in him. Such women can accurately and imperceptibly achieve their goals and not lose a loved one.

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