Domestic cosmetics: is it worse foreign?

Among women, it is often the opinion that foreign cosmetics are always better than domestic cosmetics. Even in the USSR, the fair sex always used the means produced in our country, and when they received a jar of foreign cream, they kept it and stretched it out for years. But is Russian cosmetics really worse, or is it just a stereotype?

  • Russian cosmetics are no worse than imported

It is often said that foreign cosmetics are more natural and environmentally friendly, but in reality this is not always the case. Just take two jars of cream and compare (for example, Mirra Lux and Nivea), and you will see that their composition is not very different, and often in the composition of Russian creams there are much more natural ingredients. In addition, in the production of domestic funds used the same equipment and, most often, raw materials.

In fact, some imported cosmetics are much better than Russian, but this is just a matter of chance. For example, domestic products for the hair of the professional Estel line are no worse than the Italian firm Constant Delight, and according to many women it is even better.

  • It has a small range

Domestic cosmetics is marketed mainly in creams, hair care and showers. Indeed, the Russian market lacks decorative cosmetics, which is very difficult to find in stores. Also, only with a great desire, you can find men's care products. Of the goods worthy of competition, you can only find decorative cosmetics company "Charovnitsa".

For the most part, the Russian manufacturer focuses on the production of products that would qualitatively replace the salon. That is why it is not focused on the masses, you need to buy it in whole batches, which is not always beneficial.

By the way, the popularity of Russian pharmacy cosmetics is gaining popularity, which is not yet so common, but every year the trust of customers to it grows.

  • She's just poorly advertised.

We used to see on TV advertising foreign cosmetics, but it is almost at every turn! But the domestic manufacturer is not so widely represented. And now just imagine how much advertising costs, and add it to the cost of cosmetics. From here the huge cost of import means and rather small price domestic is taken.

In fact, any cosmetics is purely individual, so only you decide what suits you. Russian cosmetics may not have such a wide range as foreign products, but it is no worse.

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