Scientists have named the factors leading to irreversible liver disease.

Various diseases of the liver in recent years are extremely common. But this body performs the function of an internal filter in the body - cleansing food processing products from various poisons and toxins. That is why experts recommend very closely monitor the state of this body.

As a rule, various toxic industrial poisons and the abuse of fried, spicy and fatty foods damage the liver. Of course, irreparable damage to the liver brings alcohol.

In addition, the liver affects worms and various viruses, pathogens of hepatitis A, B and C. The combination of hypertension and established liver obesity, general body obesity, coronary heart disease are dangerous.

Often the risk of liver disease leads to menopause in women, the presence of stones in the gallbladder, the rapid weight loss as a result of various "fast" diets. Doctors say: proper nutrition, prevention of obesity and care for the work of the heart muscle can keep the liver in a healthy state.

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