Scientists: determined the cause of preterm labor

Finally, the specific causes of preterm labor are identified. According to American scientists, certain types of bacteria can be considered responsible for having children before 37 weeks of gestation.

From the point of view of specialists, the presence of bacteria in the body of a pregnant woman leads to a thinning of the surrounding membrane of the fetus, eventually leading to its rupture. And this happens in one third of all preterm labor.

If it is indeed bacteria that are the cause, and not the result of a rupture of the membrane, then, most likely, timely treatment or screening can help women at risk of informing their child before the 41st week of pregnancy. Treatment with antibiotics, according to doctors, may well reduce the possibility of premature rupture of the membrane.

The study involved 48 women who either recently gave birth or whose births occurred earlier than they should have been. The study showed that in all cases bacteria were detected in the membranes. The membrane was thinner the more bacteria were found by scientists.

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