Young Alfonso: How to recognize and what to do with it?

To get into the love network gigolo simple. Such a man is very virtuoso in his seduction and, as a rule, gets everything he needs from his victim. And then either disappears safely, or continues its parasitic activity on the rights of a husband. It all depends on the "qualifications" of the swindler. Even the most discriminating young lady can get on the hook. How to recognize Alfonso and how to behave with him?

  • What does a woman want? Alphonse is, above all, a subtle psychologist. He is able to easily see in a crowd a woman in need of attention and care. Having made a choice, the hunter for the female purse "includes" the gallant seducer. He is generous with compliments, romantic gestures, assurances of support and love. Usually, Alfonso kinks with flattery, and from the side it is very noticeable. Therefore, trust the opinion of your relatives and friends.
  • With needles. As a rule, Alfonso try to impress with their impeccable appearance. Branded clothing, neat facial hair, delicate hands, expensive perfume - the necessary attributes of seducer. All this "tinsel" acts as a bait, creating a mirage of a unique personality. Do not get carried away by external gloss, watch his manners, habits. Noble man noble in everything!
  • Conversation "with passion." Literally from the first meeting, Alphonse shows excessive curiosity about his victim, is interested in her life, work, and connections. In response, he tells about himself exciting dramatic stories, shares views on the world, deftly avoiding the themes of his profession and place of residence. Some characters prefer to be laconic, attentive listeners, catching useful information from a female monologue. Do not get carried away with stories about yourself. Build a dialogue on mutually beneficial interests.
  • Insidious strategy. On dates the gigolos are practically not wasted. They have a thousand tricks in their arsenal. A more passionate hunter always has a strategy. First, he talks for a long time about the mercantile spirit of life, and after a while he declares about a hundred percent winning project requiring investments, or a large debt. It all depends on the type of woman and her financial capabilities. In such cases, you need to use the weapons of the seducer himself. Say that you have intractable problems with business and finance. "Cavalier" will immediately disappear from your horizon.

The best way to avoid meeting Alfonso is to be confident and attractive. This will not only positively affect relations with men, but will also become the key to success in your life.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova

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