Men love ears too

We live in a world full of delusions and myths. Often we become their hostages. When you constantly hear some "truth", then you begin to believe it. One of these clichés is the phrase "men love with their eyes, and women with their ears."

The statement is valid only for the first stage of the relationship. Indeed, men pay more attention to the appearance of the chosen one. Then they get used to this appearance, and, even seeing you in a bathrobe and without makeup, they will not forget how great you are in evening dress.

The truth is that a man, no less than a woman, is pleased to hear compliments. They can also have complexes about their own appearance. Give beautiful words five minutes a day, and your loved one will walk proud, happy, and will definitely want to do something nice for you. Compliments do not have to be purely "male", for example, about muscle building. Moreover, they may not be. Tell us about the beauty of his eyes and smiles, how his lips and body are seductive. In the end, the simple phrase "how beautiful you are with me" will lighten his mood for the whole day. The fall of the man and on complex compliments like "your beauty is like the blade of a perfect blade, it is unusual and hits the very heart." He will hear his admiration for himself, and the fact that the metaphor is truly masculine. Compliments about his mind, insight, strength will be very pleasant for your partner. And he may never have participated in the world knife throwing competition, but he must hear from you that he does it the best.

A separate approach requires a period when your beloved is ill. Men, as a rule, even if their temperature rises a little, behave as if they are on the verge of death. They do so because they really want attention and simple care, as in childhood. After all, in steel time they need to be strong, they are forbidden to complain about pain and fatigue. Illness is the only time they can relax. Surround him with warmth and affection. And be sure to tell how he is dear to you, how much you love him, how good and wonderful he is. Do not feel sorry for warm words. Remember something nice from the past. How did you relax together, how he invited you to a restaurant or presented something. Describe in colors how happy you were at that moment. He will recover literally before our eyes. There is, of course, the danger that later he will pretend to be ill, every time he wants tenderness. Do not regret pleasant words every day, and this problem will not arise.

And in general, tell him more often that you love and appreciate him. Aloud rejoice in his success. Good word and cat nice.

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