Fashion Marathon

The mantra familiar to many girls, “I'll start from Monday,” tends to drag on for several weeks or months. The New Year holidays have flown by, you don’t have time to look back as spring and summer come, and it means that it’s time to fulfill the planned minimum program: go to courses, get promoted and, finally, do sports. Resolves will add the company girlfriend and a new beautiful tracksuit.

Spend a friendly sportswear shopping spree — not for speed, but for pleasure.

Sports suit

Choose a tracksuit to take into account the characteristics of the sport that you want to do. For example, a set of a bright bodice bolero, dark leggings and a short sports skirt or a fringed loincloth suit for Arabic dancing. For complex exercises on simulators, it is better to choose classic sports suits, for running exercises - vests or sweatshirts with a hood during the cold season and T-shirts made from natural, “breathing” materials in hot weather. Prefer bright and unusual styles that will not only decorate, but also motivate to wear them more often.

Do not run past ...

Sport sundresses, bright wide shorts with a contrasting rubberized belt and sports skirts on a puff. A short top on thick straps, corrective posture can be supplemented with a light colored T-shirt for a walk or evening run, and in the gym the T-shirt can be removed. Functional wristbands for the phone or wristbands wallets will eliminate the need to carry a bag. It is worth noting that the pockets on the sportswear should be zipped, because, running or stooping, you can lose keys or money.

Morning yoga

Replace the usual sharp exercises on the press - on yoga. To find harmony with the outside world will help a convenient sports set of T-shirts - wrestling, shorts or short capris. A small mat and warm socks with an open heel and toe are suitable for homework.


Sports style means comfort, convenience and ... flirt. Beautiful and comfortable sneakers on a corrugated, low platform have good cushioning properties. Boots with unusual color lacing or prints, original pattern in the form of high-heeled shoes guarantee an easy flying step and, perhaps, an amateur athlete company.

Text: Yltyeva Elina

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