The trend of the season - retro

Retro comes to life! The spring curls, the scarlet hearts of the lips, the arrows, the flares, the caps and everything that the past century was rich in again break into fashion. Retro-era is a constant movement and diversity. She gave a lot of bright personalities - standards of style, thanks to which retro today is relevant and continues to evolve in the work of modern fashion designers and stylists.


Retro outfits are feminine and elegant. Therefore, they use lightweight fabrics: silk, knitwear, chiffon and wool, emphasizing the feminine silhouette. Prints: peas, bows, lace, ruffles and bright colors add fun and lightness. It is worth avoiding black color and geometrical ornaments.

As an accessory, you can add gloves, a light scarf, a belt-harness, glasses or a hat to the vintage look. Retro-style is the harmony of opposites, so do not be afraid of fashionable experiments.


Retro makeup is associated primarily with luxury and nobility. Therefore, it is characterized by clear lines, open look, thin eyebrows, dull pallor of the skin. For a landmark you can take the puppet image of the famous model of the 60s Twiggy:

  • Carefully lighten the face and neck with a light tone cream.
  • Apply a peach-colored blush.
  • Cover the upper eyelid with light shadows (pearl or light gray).
  • Bring your eyes with small arrows, gradually thickening the liner line to the outer corner.
  • To lashes were fluffy, use special forceps to curl them. Focus on the lower eyelashes. Liberally paint them and lightly glue them with tweezers.
  • Lips can be covered with light pink, peach, colorless gloss or, conversely, with a scarlet gloss.

If you are closer to the style of the stars of silent films of the 20s, instead of arrows and glued eyelashes, use black smokey eyes and dark lipstick. An example of the "smoky" image will serve you American actress Lilian Tashman.


Classic retro hairstyle are curvy curls, springs. To do this, use curling iron or large heated hair rollers. Strands need to wind in a spiral, about the middle of the length of the hair. After curling do not comb the curls, and immediately fix the varnish.

Also retro-style includes voluminous bouffants, elegant coca bunches, clear waves. Modern stylists recommend more simplified options "for every day": careless styling, haircuts with geometrically clear contours, bangs, grunge-effect of dirty hair.

Recently, Hollywood stars, going out on the red carpet, are increasingly introducing retro elements into their images. Rihanna, Holly Bury, Emma Watson, Ann Hathaway and others proudly and gracefully demonstrate the era of jazz, musicals and silent films. For some, retro has become permanent. For example, in Russia, the most devoted fan of this style is Rinat Litvinova.

As a rule, vintage images harmoniously fit for parties and various celebrations. But if you take a retro approach with taste, you can give it life in everyday life.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova

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