Scientists are sounding the alarm: antibiotics lose their effectiveness

A study by British scientists has shown that antibiotics will soon lose their effect against the pathological flora.

Bacteria are increasingly adapting to chemicals developed by pharmacologists, which may eventually lead to a deadlock.

One of the reasons for what is happening is called the extremely widespread presence of various antiviral drugs, which doctors prescribe even at the slightest suspicion of infection. At the same time, a person, of course, wins the disease, however, his strain becomes resistant to bacteria and viruses.

The fact that a sufficiently large part of the infections can be defeated without the participation of strong drugs, which, no doubt, include antibiotics, does not seem to be known to many doctors.

In the past few years, the treatment of diseases requires the use of sufficiently strong antibiotics, although earlier they were treated with ordinary ampicillin. As a result, today patients of hospitals and clinics are experiencing great difficulties in curing diseases requiring the use of antibacterial or antiviral therapy.

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