Winter holiday Russian stars

Despite the fact that the New Year holidays are over, many of the stars who worked on corporate events, decided to arrange a well-deserved vacation. The rest of the stars is varied - someone pulls to the mountain peaks, someone goes to distant, warm lands.

Gluk'oZa rests in Courchevel. It is known that the singer has been keen on alpine skiing for several years, preferring to active winter holidays on the beach. In this, the star pair Podolskaya-Presnyakov, who also recovered to the Alps, is in solidarity with her.

But Anastasia Volochkova, along with her daughter Arisha, went to Thailand, where she constantly takes pictures and publishes the resulting photos. The ballerina worked a lot: she made two clips and made her debut as a singer, so now she gets a well-deserved and such a wonderful vacation.

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