How to reveal femininity: practical advice

There are 2 energies in life: Yin and Yang. Yang energy allows you to achieve results, be confident, clear, and women use it. But often we forget about the feminine energy of Yin, which gives softness, relaxation, the ability to take care of themselves and give some of the powers to the man. It is important to develop this energy in order to feel comfortable in life. It depends on the woman how her close people will feel, because she fills with love and tenderness not only her atmosphere, but also the lives of her relatives.

Femininity is a collection of personal qualities that cause a desire in a man to protect and protect a woman. How can a modern woman reveal femininity and support her?

We give practical advice.

Part I

Women need to place accents in appearance.

  • Choose makeup that will emphasize femininity. This can be done with the help of a make-up artist who will advise you on the makeup that is right for you.
  • In the wardrobe should be present things that reflect femininity: dresses, skirts, sundresses or feminine costumes. Every woman should have a small handbag that emphasizes her feminine look.
  • It is recommended to use scarves from light fabrics. They bring a touch of tenderness in the image.
  • Do not forget the decorations. Even if you do not like them, get one set of earrings, chains and bracelets for yourself. And teach yourself to wear it when leaving the house.
  • Do not forget that men love when women wear heels.

Part II

It is necessary to work on the internal state.

  • Learn to flirt and flirt. This is a prerequisite for female nature. You can start with an elementary smile.
  • Learn to accept compliments. Learn to say "Thank you" for the compliment and sincerely smile. If you are told: “What a beautiful dress you have!”, It is not necessary to explain that it is new or old. No need to explain anything at all. It is enough to smile and thank for the compliment.
  • Learn to love yourself. Every woman tends to blame themselves for something rather than praise. It is very important to learn how to admire yourself in order to raise internal self-esteem and gain confidence. To do this, analyze the evening events of the day and try to highlight the positive moments of what you managed to do.
  • Learn, not to talk with men in the "language of men." If you want a man to feel your femininity, learn to speak in a soft, more gentle tone and express your thoughts calmly. Try in a conversation with a man to smile and emphasize that everything will be fine.
  • Learn to show your weakness. When a man wants to talk about his virtues, a woman often enters a race with him and begins to boast that she also knows how to do it. A man begins to feel awkward, he creeps in the thought: "Why does this woman need me if she can do everything herself; she is so strong and independent." Better to say: "It's great that you know how to do it!" "What a fine fellow you are!"
  • Every day, try to allow yourself not to do what a man can do. Learn to ask men for help. There is nothing demeaning about it. On the contrary, it makes you a little weak in their eyes and emphasizes your femininity.
  • Do not be afraid to make mistakes. There is one wise phrase: "We love men for their dignity, and they for our faults." A woman often idealizes a situation and if a man makes a mistake in something, she begins to demonstrate how perfect she is (“But I never do that”). A person who wants to look perfect in everything may seem arrogant. A man begins to feel unworthy of such a woman, because he is so often mistaken, unlike her.

Disclose your femininity. Being a woman is beautiful, but being a woman is also an art that needs to be learned every day.