Trust, but verify, or How much you need to control the partner

Any relationship is built on trust, it is known to all. But sooner or later the thought of “what if?” Will start in the head of even the most naive person. And if there was even the slightest excuse, and your man lingers at work and goes on business trips, it is very difficult to get rid of painful suspicions.

Mistrust equals uncertainty

Another great Omar Khayyam said that it is impossible to seduce a man in love. If for a man you are the most charming and attractive, and this is most likely the way it is, since he lives with you, you are protected from treason. And your distrust may be dictated by uncertainty, thoughts that someone will be more attractive. Therefore, we begin to love ourselves. And for this we are developing: go to the gym, sign up for the theater group and so on. Confident man is confident in his partner.

Don't wake famously

Some women love to feel like detectives. They read sms on her husband’s phone, his correspondence on social networks. Breaking a relationship is easy. But always, even in the most ambiguous situation, you must first listen to your partner, preferably without emotion, and only then draw conclusions.

Short leash or complete freedom

There are two opposing opinions. Some believe that the more allowed, the more they will use it. Others think that the notorious short leash only provokes a desire to escape. As always, the golden mean wins. To deprive a person of personal space and control every step is simply meaningless. Anyone who wants to change will do it anyway. But you shouldn't show your indifference either. Your man should know what is important to you, where he is, and with whom, but not because you do not trust him, but because you are just worried about him. If he loves and respects you, he will call himself to warn you how late he is and with whom. Then go to bed calmly. Remember that if there was no reason, your distrust will only insult your partner.

Love yourself and save your nerve cells. Life in the constant expectation of betrayal will not benefit the relationship, when any man will appreciate a reasonable confidence.

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