Male domination: what is the reason?

Very often men and women argue. And if a woman does not want to recognize men's rightness, it turns into a violent conflict. Why is a man always right? What makes him so confident that his misconceptions are correct?

The first. The desire of a man to persistently defend his position is due to his desire to stand firmly on his feet. When the representatives of the stronger sex are sure of something and others confirm this (especially the woman), they feel confident, you can say "at ease".

The second. Established traditions and upbringing, when from an early age there is a clear division of responsibilities between girls and boys. Girls are constantly told that they must be feminine, flexible and soft; and boys are taught to be courageous, purposeful and make their own decisions.

Third. A man fights for the right to defend his point of view since prehistoric times, when he sought to prove a woman his case, to look like a leader in her eyes.

But times are changing, and with it, the rights of men and women to a new level. And although sexual equality is enshrined in law, many men continue to defend leading positions not only in society, but also in relationships. And under no circumstances do they want to recognize the rightness of women. Such men make jokes about a stupid wife or a grumpy mother-in-law.

Male domination can manifest itself in the family, at work and in public life. Each family is individual, and it can be a long time to understand why a man is always the main one in a relationship. Statistics show that many women prefer to be in the "background." The woman simply does not want to assert her rights, and pulls a difficult family burden on her shoulders. For many couples this is normal, and they do not want to change anything in a relationship.

It is harder for women who are daily confronted with male impenetrability at work. Here, every lady should learn to behave properly, so that a man does not feel her weakness, humility and fear. For this it is recommended to remember a few simple tips.

  • Choose the right clothes to emphasize seriousness and professionalism. Classic suits with a moderate amount of discreet accessories are perfect for this.
  • Male questions should be answered in a firm, expressive voice. Then the man will feel that the woman is not afraid of him.
  • Feel free to point out men's mistakes.
  • It is great to know your business to show that a woman can work no worse than men.

A woman should not be afraid of a man and his natural domination. First of all, she must be confident in defending her point of view. This should not be done calmly. In order for a man to hear and be able to accept the female point of view, it is recommended to use one proven psychological method. Before you express your discontent to a man or point out that he is wrong, praise him. And then emphasize his mistakes. For example: "You are a really good specialist, but in this situation it is right to do so ...." Paraphrasing this technique as needed, it can be used in personal relationships.

Everyone decides for himself: always unconditionally agree with a man or lag behind their rights. But do not forget one wise statement: "We are treated as we ourselves allow it."

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