Difference of sexual temperaments: what to do?

Why does one person have enough light touch to inflame passion, and another long and varied preludes? Someone is ready to have sex all day long, and someone is enough once a week. Sexologists say that the whole thing in the type of sexual temperament.

Scientists have divided people into three types: with high, medium and low temperament. People with high levels are not just ready to have sex every day, they need it. They quickly lose interest in a partner, if they lack erotica, become irritable, and may become depressed. People with low levels, on the contrary, can easily live with virtually no sex. Temperament is a congenital thing, in women it is associated, including with the level of the hormone estrogen. Attempting to become a "hot thing", if you are a low type, may well end in a nervous breakdown.

Fortunately, most people are of the middle type. These people are enough a couple of times a week, but this type is quite mobile. That is, under certain conditions, they are happy to have sex more often, and may suffer, adjusting to a partner.

Ideally, the temperaments of the partners should match. Neighboring types also get along well: high with medium, or medium with low. But high and low, coming together in a couple, sooner or later will begin to suffer. Physiology can not be undone, and the life of these two will be constantly associated with the victims and limitations.

Scientists have derived a formula by which you can find out your type of temperament. To find out, measure your foot length and divide your height in centimeters by this number. The leg is measured from the protruding part of the femur to the heel. What is obtained is the index of temperament.

The high temperament index for men ranges in values ​​from 1.93 to 2.00, for women from 1.98 to 2.05, the average temperament ranges from 1.82 to 1.92 for men and from 1.87 to 1 97 in women. People with low temperament have the lowest index: men from 1.75 to 1.81; women from 1.78 to 1.86.

Of course, this is not an absolute test, but it is at least a reason to think.

You should not, of course, take a ruler for every first date. And yet, in addition to finding out the level of income, education and zodiac sign of your chosen one, it would be nice to find out the level of his temperament. Even without resorting to measurements, it is not difficult to do this. People with a low level even in the candy-bouquet period will not constantly strive for intimacy. Those who want you often are most likely representatives of the second type. And, even if you come across a real macho with a high level of temperament, you, having an average, can quite satisfy him. And certainly you will never be bored alone.

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