From the male shoulder

The image of a cute and economic girl in romantic dresses in a small flower and neat aprons is the nostalgic atavism of the mother or grandmother in the eyes of the modern woman on the cover. Now, a woman is no longer a "man's friend" and a versatile talking-washing-dishwashing application in the house, but a business-minded entrepreneurial lady who knows her own worth and can give a head start to a man without artificial modesty. Resourceful amazon megacities without thinking twice, "borrowed" a few things from the original male wardrobe to look stern, fashionable, and ... feminine.


Trousers and jacket - complete or separate - long ago migrated from the men's wardrobe to the ladies' dressing room. Yes, and the vest, which was created in order to delineate the courageous torso of a gentleman, no less gracefully emphasizes the wasp waist, tender shoulders and bust. The vest on three buttons of traditional dark colors will be in harmony with a set of skirts and blouses of pastel colors. Warm knitted or fur vests, actual for winter, can be combined with usual jeans. Pay attention to the neckline - a smooth oval adds chest volume, and a V-neck vest looks better in a trouser set.


Silk tie in intricate divorces will add a drop of frivolity to a thin stripes business suit - even if the bosses and colleagues mark your style.


Thin suspenders in tone to the pants visually lengthen the silhouette, and thick-emphasize high chest. Special comfortable fasteners help to correct the length of the suspenders and overlap on the back (X or Y-shaped). For informal cases, you can replace the black suspenders with color or with the original pattern.


Office dress code has not been canceled, but creativity and personality too. Personalized cufflinks with initials can be ordered in a jewelry store - the image requires a professional approach. Unusual cuff links for cuffs or single blouses or shirts for lapels are a stylish solution for a standard office bow. On the topic of the day, there are symbolic silver cuff links, souvenir small Eiffel turrets or a mini clutch of gems. Cufflinks with large precious stones look very beautiful and expensive (in all senses). Such an unusual and aesthetically-practical decoration can be presented as a gift to the boss or friend of the manager for the anniversary.

Text: Elina Yltyeva

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