Daughter Whitney Houston marries her brother

The Internet was a sensation: the daughter of the legendary singer Whitney Houston, twenty-year-old Bobby Christina, had been engaged to her brother Nick Gordon for more than a month. Brother, however, consolidated.

The adopted son Whitney Houston and her own daughter became very close after the death of the mother. At first, the relationship was exclusively related, but after the appearance on Instagram of ambiguous photos of Nick and Bobby Christine, embracing tenderly, and a diamond ring especially attracting attention, world media were flooded with information about an unrelated bond between brother and sister.

In August last year, the couple only stirred up rumors about their wedding, laying out a photo of another gorgeous ring, which Gordon presented to his beloved. In November, the young people broke up and ... reconnected. Now, almost a year later, Bobby and Nick have again posted photos with a signature, where daughter Whitney Houston calls her stepbrother husband.

Despite the lack of consanguinity, Bobby and Gord practically spent their entire lives together. And, according to Bobby Christina, Nick is the only person she can fully trust.

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