How to lose weight after giving birth

During pregnancy, women hormonal changes dramatically. Most expectant mothers believe that after giving birth the figure will be irrevocably damaged and it will be impossible to bring it to a normal state. However, this is not quite true. Of course, returning to the previous form will take a certain amount of time and effort, but you will be satisfied with the result in the end.

When planning a pregnancy, you need to objectively look at your figure. After all, it is easier to keep it until the birth, than it is painful to lose weight. Keep the figure and the birth will be easy for you (as far as possible). The more kilograms you gain during pregnancy, the greater the load the body will receive.

If the doctor allows you and you have such a desire, lead an active lifestyle, exercise.

It is important to consider the amount of calories consumed. Despite the fact that you eat for two, you need to exclude from your diet, fast food, smoked, spicy, very salty. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat only home-made food.

Try to eat less sugar and fatty foods, which, of course, add unnecessary pounds to your figure. Sugar is best consumed in the form of fruit puree.

More exercise, including aerobic exercise, will not harm you, or your future baby, or your figure. Move more, walking should take at least 30 minutes a day.

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