10 basic mistakes that we make while caring for your skin

Skin care is a special art, which can not be learned from the first time. We have selected for you the most common mistakes that (if you don’t take them into account when caring for yourself) your skin will not be able to forgive you.

  • Neglecting skin type values

A large number of women do not even think about what kind of skin they have. We buy cosmetics at random or on the advice of a friend. It suits us or not - a rhetorical question. But if you use fatty creams with oily skin problems can be many.

  • 2. Not important cleansing. Enough soap

How often did we feel skin tightness after we thoroughly wash it with soap? After all, wash your face with soap and we were taught from childhood! But in fact - this is a huge mistake. For the face, it is necessary to select delicate skins and makeup removers that moisturize the skin, giving it comfort and beauty.

  • It is not necessary to wash off makeup every time.

One time pulls the other, and now you have been sleeping with the mascara in front of you for almost a few days. But this is very harmful. In addition, makeup should be removed from the face in two stages: first, using special tools, and then - traditional washing, after which a nourishing or moisturizing cream is applied.

  • Neglect skin moisturizing

Often we do not pay attention to the fact that the skin begins to peel off, it becomes dry, rough. However, we ignore the skin’s need for hydration, which, in the end, can lead to early aging. Be sure after you decide on your skin type, find a good moisturizer for it.

  • Skin protection from the sun is not required

The sun's rays can negatively affect the condition of your skin. Therefore, in the summer, going outside, protect it with the help of day cream in SPF filters. Pigment spots, and even the first signs of aging may appear after 30 years, if, of course, you neglect protective creams. Also do not interfere with sunglasses, baseball caps, etc.

  • Cosmetics don't have to be expensive.

For many women, the brand of cosmetics is much more important than its composition. And in vain. Select cosmetics for your skin type and age, while paying for its quality. And, of course, it is best to purchase cosmetics in specialized stores.

  • The main thing - the face, the skin behind the neck and neckline is not important

Both neck and décolleté require care not less than face. Therefore, when caring for the face, the transition to the neckline and neck should be natural.

  • It does not matter posture

Often after sleep on the face of the dent is formed. Where do they come from? Perhaps because you sleep on your stomach? From here there are extra wrinkles that are so difficult to get rid of later. For proper sleep, it is best to have an orthopedic pillow.

  • What effect does nutrition have on skin condition?

Fast food, cigarettes and alcohol are not only enemies of our health, but also of the skin: it loses its elasticity, puffiness, wrinkles appear.

  • Water is not needed

Not enough external moisture. It is necessary to drink daily 1.5 liters of non-carbonated water, which, however, does not need to drink at night, in order to avoid the appearance of edema.

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