Feeding babies from a spoon causes them to become obese

English doctors have published an interesting study: it turns out, children who are fed from a spoon, are much more susceptible to obesity than other kids. This is explained by the fact that when feeding children in this form it is impossible to accurately determine if they ate or not. Experts believe that the ideal option is to teach children to eat independently immediately after weaning those from the breast.

It is believed that when a child is himself, he is fully able to control the process and quickly learn how to control his appetite. In addition, it can help develop proper eating behavior.

An experimental study was conducted: in one group, children if they were alone, and the second was fed with baby food.
Approximately in one and a half-two years the weight of children was recorded. An analysis of the results of a study showing that children from the group that was given the opportunity to eat on their own could really feel satiated.

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