Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Is the idyll the end?

Star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together with their children spent the amazing winter holidays. After visiting the zoo and cinema, the family went to Sydney amusement park. Why in Sydney? Yes, simply because Angelina is now filming in Australia, and the children are next to her.

Despite the terrifying Sydney heat, Jolie was dressed and black, and a black sweater was tied at the hips. The children, almost half-naked, seemed to be simply stripped against her background.

Fans of the actress immediately began to make the assumption that Angelina is depressed, associated with personal life. Despite the fact that the actress herself claims that black is her favorite color, the fans of the actress added Miss Jolie to the excessive thinness of her skin and concluded that she was in a depressed state.

However, in spite of everything, Angelina smiled sincerely, participated in all the entertainment of children, and rode along with them on the rides.

It is no secret that now in the family of Jolie-Pete are not the best of times. After treachery of Brad with a mysterious stranger, Angelina is in a clearly depressed state. After a difficult conversation, Angelina did not communicate with Brad, did not answer his calls. According to a couple of people close to the entourage, Angelina may have lost her trust in her partner forever.

Brad sincerely regrets his deed, assuring his spouse that no one is able to replace her in his thoughts. However, despite everything, in public, the couple behaves very naturally, planning a marriage ceremony. But the observations of outsiders show that a rather tense relationship has been established between the couple.

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