Sati Casanova Beauty Injections

The famous singer Sati Kazanova openly admitted that she had resorted to injections of beauty. According to her, she wanted to look younger and, in general, to improve her appearance. Her unreasoned act, the singer realized quickly enough: "Without face training, the wrinkles of which paralyze the botox at first, lose their elasticity and as a result looks even worse than before." Fortunately, the singer has an acquaintance beautician who regularly makes Sati a facial muscle massage course.

However, a few months ago, Satie wrote in her microblog that she couldn’t turn into a silicone doll. She expressed sincere regret to the girls who "reshape" their face, chasing the trend. But no operation can, in the words of Satie, help to love yourself the way you are. Given that the singer herself resorted to injections of Botox, such a statement looks somewhat ambiguous.

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