We learn to choose a face cream

Any woman would agree that it is extremely difficult to find "your" face cream. Here you need to know the answers to many questions: what is my skin type? What is more important: skin type or age? Today the range of creams is extremely wide. On many, the age is indicated for which this cream may be most effective. Almost always on the tube indicates the type of skin for which this cream is intended. However, no matter what, the question "how to choose?" remains more than relevant. What to do?

We need to start from the beginning. Of course, before choosing a cream, it is best to go to an appointment with a dermatologist, who can professionally determine exactly your skin type. In 99 cases out of 100, no one ever does this, unfortunately. But the doctor could quickly help you in solving this pressing question - how to choose a cream?

Cream by skin type

If you yourself can determine to what type - oily, dry or combination - your skin belongs, then this is already half the battle. If the skin is healthy, then there is a sense that follows exclusively the age-related changes in it, which means that the cream should be selected by age.

If the skin type is one of the problems, then you need to select the cream on the basis of this parameter. So, for dry skin prone to flaking, you should get a nourishing cream, and, possibly, medical cosmetics.

Cream by age

As it was said, it is only necessary to buy a cream based on age only if the skin is completely healthy, i.e. there are no inflammations, enlarged pores, etc. In the absence of such signs, you only need to take care of wrinkles, therefore, your cream - age.

When wrinkles appear, it is not necessary to buy a cream that is appropriate for your age. It is known that experts recommend anti-aging creams after 25 years. But there are so-called masks with hyaluronic acid, which perfectly cope with moisturizing the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

It should be understood that creams designed for mature skin contain significantly more active and nutritional supplements that are needed for young skin. Light moisturizing cream with wrinkles may not cope.

As a result, the question remains: so, by age or by skin ticking, pick up the cream. Dermatologists give a definite answer: for young skin - according to its type. For mature - by age. You can combine cream. For example, during the day, use a cream suitable for your skin type, and for the night - by age. But all this concerns the ladies who have crossed the line for 25 years. Until this age, natural masks, cleansers, various foams, etc. are perfect.

And one more tip - change the cream every six months. Since the skin, having become accustomed to one cream, at some point ceases to react to it and the application of creams can be considered useless. You can stick to the same brand, but take some other means.

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