Scientists: finally find a way to destroy cancer cells

Today, the most effective methods of cancer treatment at the early stage are surgery and further radiation. However, it is extremely difficult to catch the development of the disease in subsequent stages. Very often, cancerous tumors are detected when their effective treatment is unlikely. The proposed method of American scientists allows you to destroy cancer cells in the period of their movement through the body along with blood.

The author of the study, Professor Michael King, claims that in 90% of cases, death from cancer occurs when metastases occur in the body. However, now a method has been found for attracting “killers” of white blood cells, which cause the death of cancer cells directly in the bloodstream. When cancer cells are surrounded by such "killers" they have no "hope" for survival.

The first laboratory studies of this technique were carried out on mice. The experience of successful destruction of tumor cells dates 100% result, but to use this technique in humans requires additional research.

Watch the video: Using sound waves to destroy cancer. Christine Gibbons. TEDxDetroit (December 2019).