Five simple ways to diversify sex life

At the beginning of a relationship, any sex is great. No tricks needed, one posture is enough. Then the feeling of novelty leaves, and sex becomes commonplace. However, it is not so difficult to rekindle the flame, you just need to exert a little bit of effort.

Create an intrigue

Of course, it is not interesting to come home, have dinner, go to bed and have sex. Intrigue needs to be created in the morning. Send your man a few sms erotic content. The closer to the evening, the more frank. Put a note in his pocket in which you describe his sexuality, a couple of episodes from the last sex, describing what excited you the most; and at the end tell a little about your erotic fantasy.

Change place

The advice may seem trivial. But it is not about renting a hotel room. Enough and his apartment. For example, when your man came out to the balcony, go to him, get down on your knees and start kissing the belly. Most likely, then everything will happen by itself, if not, go down below, there is hardly anyone to hold back. Drag your loved one to a dark corner of the park or to the toilet in the restaurant. A bathroom at a party with friends is also suitable. And do not be there just after having sex. A little nudity, a pair of movements associated with sex, a promising whisper in your ear, and you can go home in a comfortable bed. It won't be boring anymore. During the walk, send him a text message "I want you right now, let's find a secluded corner." Even if nothing happens this time, new sensations will appear in both.

In strip cards

This is the simplest, but the easiest way to warm up before sex. You can go further. Buy dices and come up with certain actions on combinations of numbers. Kiss in any part of the body, a story about your hottest fantasy, striptease, and so on; what is enough of your imagination. Moreover, show courage and include in this list that which is just so shy to do.

Again about role-playing games

Red caps with wolves and other nurses - all this causes laughter rather than excitement. The game should be as simple as possible, not banal, and not be associated with cheap porn. However, in the end, it all comes down to obedience and obedience. To find out in advance the preferences of the second half, find an erotic story on the topic of domination on the Internet and let your partner read with an innocent smile, they say, my friend advised me to read, he says that he is very interesting. It is really interesting in these places, but here, it seems to me, some kind of nonsense. By his reaction it will be possible to understand which scenario of the role-playing game he will like. Immediately it is necessary to stipulate the moment that it can be very difficult to start posing as a slave or prisoner just before sex. Somehow far-fetched. It is better to plan a game at least half a day. If you are a slave today, start performing small come in the morning. Maybe he wants a foot massage, or even drink fresh coffee while doing a foot massage. Follow his requests with joy, and when it comes to sex, everything will be natural and organic.

Bed third

This is not about the third person. This refers to the imitation of this third. For example, go on a striptease together. By itself, this proposal will bring novelty and adrenaline to your relationship. The main thing is not to sit there with a sour mine, and certainly not a scandal. You came there to watch, sorry, on someone else's chest. So look. Applaud and shout with everyone, discuss the skill of the dancers with your man, and, looking at someone else's chest, he will want yours. Then go to the second method from the above. Your feat will be appreciated.

The same "third" in your bed are sex toys. In sex shops sold lashes, which can not harm even a newborn child, but all the gusto in the fact of their use. Put on the vibrator, and give the remote to the man. Use it during the game of captivity, and the degree will increase, or rather just fly up. A higher level - do it while walking, for example, shopping. You can not even insert into the remote control batteries, adrenaline, which brings with it excitement, is enough with the head.

And remember that even the simplest fantasy, told to a man by a languid whisper in his ear in a restaurant, will be rewarded later by bright and sensual sex. Do not be shy of your fantasies, love each other.

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