Coco Chanel: Those who do not know how to wear bijoux wear gold

Perhaps someone still believes that jewelry is the lot of those who can not afford expensive "real" jewelry. Opinion is a mistake, because modern jewelery jewelry costume strife. And Coco Chanel herself proved it to us.

Today, jewelry is an independent trend in jewelry, world-famous masters and artists are working on it. Absolutely everyone is wearing it - stars, teenagers, and a business woman. The obvious advantages of this type of jewelry are price, quality, originality and variety. Jewelery is always at the peak of fashion, it is never much, and it meets the most diverse needs and tastes.

Often for the manufacture of such "trinkets" jewelers use the same materials as for jewelry. For some styles of clothing, wood, alloys of low-cost metals and plastics are suitable only, for others - semi-precious fabrics, pearls, gems and even Swarovski rhinestones.

Gold jewelery (it's hard to argue with this) is more suitable for women who have taken place; they look a little ridiculous at young ladies. An excellent alternative to the "adult" metal will be inexpensive stylish jewelry, which can be easily selected for each individual case.

On a secular party or in a club, for example, you can safely wear something unexpected and unusual. Under the light summer dress perfectly fit bulk earrings and bright wide bracelets. But business style requires appropriate decorations - more strict and restrained. But they are also able to turn an ordinary office worker into a successful business woman, surrounded by an aura of secrecy and independence. Different decorations in different ways make you look at the same dress or costume, give the image freshness and perfection.

The most relevant today is jewelry in classical, ethnic and avant-garde styles. The first type is closest to natural jewelry. Often, such jewelry is covered with gold or silver, for their manufacture using semi-precious and precious stones.

Ethnica won the hearts of young girls from her first appearance on the shelves of stores. Oriental, Indian, African motifs attract attention with their mysteriousness and remoteness. Going on a trip to one of these beautiful countries, do not forget to buy in it some unusual necklace and earrings. Such jewelry is often handmade, so they are exclusive.

Avant-garde works are also interesting for their uniqueness and author's thought. Handmade materials are most often used in their manufacture - leather, plastic, wood, felt, etc., as well as semi-precious stones and sputtering of gold or silver.

Enriching your jewelry box with new jewelry, you give yourself the opportunity to look great in any situation.

Text: Zemfira Vakhitova


viktorija 07/10/2016
I like all sorts of necklaces, I just can not wear earrings - even my ears hurt from gold. I have a brooch - a bow, I don’t remember what company did, but it looks so elegant, better than jewels, not even all the stylish jewelry comes to me, I have to be selective when choosing jewelry

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