Scientists: it becomes almost impossible to lose weight after 45 years

Today, almost all people who are overweight want to lose weight. For various reasons, middle-aged people often grow stout, experiencing great difficulties with losing weight. As follows from the conclusion of physicians, this is due to a certain type of adipose tissue, which gradually ceases to be active towards old age.

In addition to the usual, white fat, located, as a rule, on the stomach and sides, the body also has brown fat that burns white to produce heat.

As a rule, the bulk of the fat is located under the skin of the abdomen and thighs. It is here that when overeating and lack of physical activity, extra pounds are deposited. In the human body there is also the so-called brown fat, which burns the main, white with the help of heat generation.

It is brown fat that accelerates metabolism. In newborns, it can usually be found between the shoulder blades. It helps the child to maintain body temperature at birth. Despite the fact that gradually the importance of this fat weakens, it does not disappear completely. Its greatest amount is noted in the body of men.

Japanese scientists have shown that with aging, the violation of the embryonic state decreases the activity of brown fat, it burns less white. That is why middle-aged people are much more difficult to maintain a slim figure.

However, research has given direction to the development of so-called "metabolic switches," which are able to give brown fat a "new life."

Obesity, in addition to the aesthetic problem, also carries with it a health problem, since the fat surrounding the internal organs often causes various cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes.

According to calculations, people over 45 years old need to reduce food intake by 200 kcal per day in order to maintain their weight in normal conditions. The composition of the diet for such people has not yet been developed.


Anna Volodina 01/24/2016
Obesity is so common because we eat wrong. We eat animal fats in abundance, and almost do not consume vegetable fats. An imbalance appears in the body

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