Scientists: cellulite does not exterminate

Cellulite - the scourge of modern women, with whom they fight without sparing their strength. However, it is necessary to upset the ladies: cellulite cannot be cured forever. You can only slightly reduce the "orange peel", make it not very noticeable, but the characteristics of fatty tissue can not change any rational nutrition, or enhanced exercise, or special cream.

That is why cellulite does not appear at you, if you go in for sports throughout your life, eat right, live an active lifestyle and, naturally, pay attention to caring for your skin.

To remove the visible part of cellulite, you need to treat this issue very carefully and, most importantly, comprehensively. And it all starts with the development of proper diet.

Fasting day

Just entering the unloading day will help you "painlessly" enter the diet. You only need one day a week to eat kefir, cucumbers, green tea or apples.

From the diet should be removed fried and fatty foods, reduce the amount of sweets consumed. For the metabolism of the body is useful to eat bran, oats, fiber.

2 liters per day

The fact that drinking is important, everyone knows, probably. On the day you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water, as well as a glass of low-fat yogurt before bedtime. No carbonated drinks, juices, etc.

Physical exercise

For smoothing the orange peel ideal jump rope, swimming and cycling. The side-slats are useful: side, forward, etc. tilts. The main thing here - the regularity of the exercises.

It is important to swing the muscles of the buttocks. You can do this sitting in a chair behind a computer: relax and strain your muscles. Easy, convenient, practical.

Spa treatments

These are perhaps the most pleasant ways to combat cellulite: wraps (honey and coffee), baths with essential oils and sea salt, massages, wiping.

Finally, we will debunk the sustainable myth about anti-cellulite cosmetics: it acts exclusively on the upper layers of the epidermis. Cosmetics, perhaps, can tighten the skin, but it will not help to change the fatty tissue and remove extra centimeters.

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