How to accept gifts

All women love gifts. Especially if they are presented with the hands of a loved one. This is a very pleasant, exciting and joyful event.

But, as practice shows, most women live with a man for many years, without waiting for the long-awaited golden ring or bouquet of favorite roses. The woman begins to torment the questions: "Why does my man not want to give gifts?" "He does not love me?" "He is greedy?" "Does he have another one?" In the depths of the soul, a grievance creeps in on a loved one, feelings of dissatisfaction, insecurity and self-pity.

In fact, without exception, men love to give gifts. This is one of their true destinations - to fulfill the wishes of a woman and to please her. According to psychologists, the reluctance of men to give gifts arises from the reluctance of women to accept them.

Every man, having presented a gift to her lover, wants to see in her eyes delight, happiness and notes of sincere joy. It is not enough for him to hear a dry reply “Thank you. Very nice” or irritated “I don't like such things.” Speaking these words, women themselves kill in men the desire to give gifts.

In order for a beloved man to give pleasant surprises more often, a woman needs to kindle this desire in him, namely, to learn how to receive gifts correctly. For this you need to remember two simple rules.

First of all, men do not like and do not understand hints. If a woman wants to receive a specific thing as a gift, then it’s better to say this straightforwardly, but in a mild form. For this situation, the phrase “I love such things so well. How could I be pleased to receive this item as a gift from you".

Secondly, you need to accept the gift with joy and feelings of sincere gratitude. Any words of delight and admiration will be appropriate here: "What a beautiful thing!" "How long have I wanted such a thing!" "How nice to get such a thing from you!" "I am so happy, finally I have what I dreamed of for so long!" "You have excellent taste, you chose what I love!" A woman can say many more warm words of gratitude, painted with colors of delight, joy and admiration. And the man will definitely want to give her a gift many more times.

A good example that explains how to accept gifts.

One man was asked why he still gives presents to his ex-wife. To which he replied: "She is so sincere, enthusiastic, grateful and emotionally accepting my gifts, that I want more and more to give them to her."

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